Flight Operations

Unrated Pilots –

  • Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating (highly recommended), Commercial Pilot Certificate, Certified Flight Instructor/Instrument Flight Instructor (if customer desires) all through FAA Certificated Part 141 Flight Schools. (United States)
  • Host country validations and conversions, if applicable, will be facilitated and monitored every step of the way.
  • Room and boarding facilitation and setup for training pilots in accommodations of customers choosing.
  • Facilitation of visa application and procurement of host country sponsorship of J1 student visa.
  • Fully supervised program, from day one to fully Certificated pilot, by Wake Aviation complete with progress reports and accountability procedures.

Existing Pilots –

  • Factory flight school. MD, Airbus, Bell. (United States)
  • Emergency Procedures including full down autorotations and advanced emergency procedures. (Western Helicopters)
  • Wire Environment Course, and FAA Part 135 Training. (United States)
  • FAA Part 133 Long Line Training. (United States)
  • Working the wire environment. (Host Country) Real time, live environment training from Wake Aviation flight instructors as work is actually being performed on the line.
    • Line survey & inspection (Inferred, Corona, Photo, video, Lidar.)
    • Skid Transfers. (Wood laced steel, monopoles.)
    • Live line wire transfers. (Transfer lineman to bundle conductors)
    • Mid-Span work. (Shield wire and conductor splices, Marker balls, and bird diverters.)
    • Precision long line training. (H.E.C. Human External Cargo & Material.)
    • Rope and hard line pulls. (Use of needle for center phase work.)
    • Hot Washing. (Washing insulators with special equipment and de-ionized water.)
    • Crew transport to remote spots. (Slope and toe in landings.)
    • Aerial saw application and operating procedures.