Line Operations

Lineman Training –

  • Landing Zone Safety
  • Proper Rigging Loads
  • Helicopter Skid Transfers
  • Mid-span Conductor Transfers (Installation of vibration dampers)
  • Proper Hot Washing techniques
  • H.E.C. (Working with a Bowsman chair or fly harness)
  • Working off the platform
  • Electrical theory (Classroom)
  • Hot Insulators change out using hot stick method and helicopter support
  • Hot cross arm change out with helicopter support
  • Energized spacer change out
  • Inferred and Corona inspection (Data collection, secure storage and processing)
  • Working the wire environment. (Host Country) Real time training by a Wake Lineman instructor on the wire with student as work is being performed on the line.
  • Load factor training

Ground Personnel & Support Crew

Crew Transport and support vehicles –

  • Locating and delivery of trucks and trailers
  • HECPrepare trucks and trailers
  • Set up of fuel tanks, aviation pumps and grounding system for hot fueling in the field.
  • Identification and set-up of crew support vehicles
  • Line trailer set up to support crews with proper rigging. (Hoist, slings, grips, hook ladders, etc.)
  • Maintain hot stick trailer.
  • Maintain mechanic truck and trailer. (Set up with tooling to make repairs in the field.)

Set up of fixed base of operation –

  • Hangar and headquarters set up and maintenance
  • Helicopter parking and coordination
  • Setup and maintenance of maintenance bay with overhead crane
  • Machine Shop setup and operations
  • Parts Storage and inventory schedules
  • Information technology, Wi-Fi, computer and communication set up
  • Maintain back up generator with automatic throw over switch
  • Set up and maintenance of offices and classrooms
  • Camera set up and alarm system monitoring

Tooling –

  • Identification and purchase of tools needed
  • Maintenance and upkeep of Hot Stick tools and tester for hot stick trailer
  • Management of hoist, slings, grips, hook ladders, mechanical jumpers, grounds, etc.
  • Maintain and service hydraulic tools, press head and motors, punch, crimp tools

Aircraft –

  • Identify and set up aircraft for specific application in power line operations
  • Maintain and supply operational systems on the helicopters. (load cells, door mounted TQ, TOT, and master alarm, etc.
  • Maintain HEC (Human External Cargo) belly bands, ropes, fly harness, fly chair, etc.
  • Maintain and secure storage of gimbel mounted Infrared, Corona, video system
  • Maintain and secure storage of Lidar system if desired

Safety –

Linemen and ground support personnel will be trained using Wake Aviation’s Safety Program geared specifically toward line operations and related aspects to the wire and aviation environments.