Powerline Services

Wake aviation has the strategic advantage of self-performing helicopter-aided utility operations or providing turnkey operations management and planning to a company’s existing program or fleet. Wake Aviation’s availability and variety of aircraft through our alliance partners enables us to maintain a competitive edge with enhanced productivity and flexibility. Wake Aviation has the unique ability to draw from multiple industry leaders and additional support personnel, specially trained with the latest rigging and flight following procedures, making our number one goal to provide the safest and most efficient aerial support operations in the industry. With the support of our alliance partners, planning and operations can be completed with a minimum of manpower, time, and environmental disturbance, especially on projects that involve time constraints, remote access, or strenuous and varying conditions.

Wake Aviation is committed to supporting all helicopter aided utility operations for its clients and affiliates and investors. Wake Aviation provides the safest and quietest helicopters in the world. These aircrafts provide high performance and increased capacity for greater versatility, all while maintaining a low cost maintenance schedule and increased parts availability and product support.

Below are some of the services Wake Aviation can provide or facilitate depending on your individual needs and requirements.


Survey & Inspection

  • Comprehensive Visual Inspections
  • Hands-On detailed inspections
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging
  • Condition Assessment (HD video & HR still imaging)
  • Corona Discharge
  • Asset Management and Oversight
  • Vegetation/Wildlife Surveys
  • Gas pipeline leak detection
  • X-Ray inspection
  • Custom and Supplemental Inspections
  • Data Management & Reporting
  • Project Layout & Execution Planning Assistance
  • Satellite Imaging & Mapping


  • Hang insulators and stringing blocks
  • Pull sock-line, hard-line, OPGW or shield wire
  • Clip in wires and remove stringing blocks
  • Full-tension conductor and shield wire splicing (including tangent, angle, and double dead-end structures)
  • Energized install of spacers, marker balls, dampers, bird discouragers, anti-galloping devices
  • Structure placement
  • Transport personnel, vehicles, equipment, concrete, and matting
  • Post Construction Inspections
  • New build construction supportrepair

Powerline Maintenance & Repair

  • Installation and removal of crossing guards
  • Energized Insulator change out / Replacement
  • Unclip wire and hang stringing blocks (including tangent, angle, and double dead-end structures)
  • Cut out or cover sleeves; other necessary wire repairs
  • Clipping-in conductors and remove stringing blocks (including tangent, angle, and double dead-end structures)
  • Cut-Out conductor sleeves
  • Aerial monitoring of the pull and all other services
  • Fiber Installation
  • Aerial Saw Trimming
  • Insulator Washing
  • Knee Brace Change Out
  • Cross Arm Change Out


  • Lineman training in all aspects of operations
  • Specialized Pilot training
  • Training for observers, data recorders, ground personnel
  • Data analysis training